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Customized Cleanroom technology and Cleanrooms your partner from Kempen

You are looking for a specialist for Cleanroom technology? Then Solutions and Handling GmbH from Kempen is the right partner for you. Whether you need a fast solution or a permanent Cleanroom, we can offer you complete solutions from a single source. Our sealed modular Cleanrooms provide controlled physical conditions. A special air-conditioning and filtration system controls parameters such as temperature, humidity, room pressure and particle content in the air.

The focus is on keeping the concentration of airborne particles as low as possible. How is this achieved? HEPA and ULPA filters reduce the number and size of the airborne particles. A good air flow through the room is ensured by filters which are primarily located in the Cleanroom ceiling. The required Cleanroom classes are achieved through the air exchange rate as well as the filter coverage of the ceiling.

Wall and ceiling systems for microelectronics– high-quality Cleanroom technology

High requirements on Cleanrooms are in particular placed in the optical and electronic industry. This is why we offer you modular and flexible wall and ceiling systems that meet the highest expectations. Our Cleanrooms for microelectronics include:

Wall systems:

  • Modular aluminum Cleanroom partition wall systems with flexible width and height
  • Solid wall with partial glazing or only as wall paneling
  • Equipment with doors, windows, integrated material pass-throughs or change rooms

Ceiling systems:

  • Modular aluminum ceiling grid as single- or double-sided panel construction
  • Non-walkable or walkable ceilings for up to 150kg/m²
  • Steel sheet design or honeycomb panels
  • Ceiling grid optimized for our Cleanroom lights or air filtration devices (Fan Filter Units, FFUs)

Cleanroom door systems:

  • Single or double swing doors made of aluminum, available in three designs (solid door leaf, partially glazed or full glass door)
  • Sliding doors, glass sliding doors (manually or electrically operated)
  • Doors equipped with locking systems (interlock) and access control systems

Wall and ceiling systems for pharmaceutical applications

Our modular and flexible wall and ceiling systems are especially suited for applications in the pharmaceutical industry, in hospitals, pharmacies, cytostatic labs and the food industry. We offer Cleanroom technology and Cleanrooms that meet the specific requirements of pharmaceutical applications:

Wall systems:

  • Modular flush fitting Cleanroom wall with axis grid design to minimize joints
  • Flush fitting glass panes for windows. This means that there are no protruding or recessed components where particles can accumulate.

Cleanroom door systems:

  • Single or double swing door, available in three designs (solid door leaf, partially glazed or full glass door)
  • Sliding doors, glass sliding doors (manually or electrically operated)

Ceiling systems:

  • Modular flush fitting aluminum ceiling grid as a single or double panel construction. Available as non-walkable or walkable design for up to 150 kg/m², as steel sheet cassettes or honeycomb panels
  • Optimized ceiling grid to accommodate our Cleanroom lights and the air filter units (Fan Filter Units, FFUs)
  • Clip-in cassette ceiling in a 625 x 625 mm or 600 x 600 mm grid
  • Panel ceilings as an 80 mm or 100 mm design. Foamed ceiling elements 1200 mm wide and up to 6 meters long

Accessories– everything what you need for perfect Cleanrooms

Our wall and ceiling systems for Cleanrooms are complemented by accessories which are suitable both for pharmaceutical applications and for applications in microelectronics. Our product portfolio comprises:

  • Glazing
  • Cable ducts
  • Material pass-throughs
  • Lighting
  • Return air grilles made of perforated metal plates

If you would like to know more about our products and services around Cleanrooms, please contact the team of Solutions and Handling GmbH from Kempen.We will be happy to advise you and are also at your service worldwide!